Classical Ballet Centre
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"A welcoming, warm and friendly dance school with really lovely teachers.  We have seen our daughters enthusiasm for dancing really blossom here. Ballet, Tap, Modern and Acro classes are well organised and beautifully taught.  We couldn't have chosen a better place for our daughter to go!"



"Choosing to introduce your child to the fulfilling world of ballet and dance with the Classical Ballet Centre will be the best decision you will make! We have so many happy memories of our daughters’ years of training with this wonderful local school.
As this  time approaches its end we can only begin to imagine the hole it will leave in all our lives.
Whether it has been the spectacular theatre shows, the termly watching weeks or the annual summer school, each performance is a celebration of the talent of CBC students and the creativity and imagination of their teachers. Each showcases in its own individual way how CBC teachers get the very best from their happy and committed pupils. Everyone is involved because every one is important.
This school embraces each and every child. A dance journey started when young has continued all through the stressful years of adolescence, through the pressure of exams and has been a constant pleasure in their lives, an oasis of calm in their busy lives.
To enjoy training with CBC you don't have to be a budding ballerina, you just have to enjoy dance. From personal experience, I can guarantee that the teachers are interested in everyone, they encourage everyone and they celebrate everyone's achievements. Success after all is relative and something that every student can experience."
"Having started at the classical ballet centre 16 years ago, aged 3, has allowed me to take the next step towards pursuing a career in dance. The teachers there have been nothing but caring and supportive since the beginning, and I've found that even after leaving for university that this support carries on. The classes and people that you meet soon become a community that you're always a part of, and the skills and qualifications you acquire never leave you. I can honestly say that had it not been for the teaching I received at the Classical Ballet Centre, I would not be the dancer, or the person, that I am today."

"My daughter danced at the Classical Ballet Centre for 15 years, achieving excellent results in all exams, enabling her to continue her studies at university and pursue a career in dance.
The teaching is excellent and the teachers provide a supportive environment which is inclusive for dancers of all ages and ability, including adults.
As someone who never danced as a child, I have been enjoying the adult ballet classes for 8 years and with their support, found the confidence to dance on stage at the Wyvern Theatre - much to my mothers delight!"